Our Commitment

The EFCC family strives to establish positive and productive relationships in communities where we have local operations.  We proudly support and invest in community-based organizations through donations, sponsorships, and fundraising programs. Our commitment spans youth sports organizations, local 4-H groups, community service organizations, as well as local school districts and local government agencies.

• EFCC assisted Shenango Township, PA with damage to a bridge that had to be closed due to flooding. Read more

• EFCC has donated limestone to several high school football fields, including Carrollton High School, South Range High School, Southern Local High School, and Springfield Local High School.

•  The East Fairfield Coal Co. made a major contribution to Springfield Township Police Department to fund their own K-9 unit.

•  Firestone Farms hosts free concerts and movies for the community throughout the summer months.

•  The East Fairfield Coal Co. made a major contribution to help Petersburg, Ohio, install water lines to improve water quality for residents.

•  Mahoning County 4-H Endowment has been supported by Firestone Farms since their inaugural dinner and auction in 2017.

•  Firestone Farms has sponsored a visit from military helicopters as an added attraction for the Columbiana Street Fair. Read more

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